This page has some early work I made as a postgraduate student, as well as more recent works made in lockdown during the Covid pandemic.

Early works

Roots, A Conversation about Art, Mouthpiece

Roots,   2010

A sound and still-image piece exploring various connotations of roots – as vegetables, ingredients of magic and sexual potions, buried objects, food, cultural symbols, and erotic objects… underground, dormant or growing. Historical and classical texts are intertwined with more contemporary material.

A Conversation about Art,   2011 

A concerned ancient artist has a conversation with herself about art.

Videos made during Covid lockdowns

During lockdowns in 2020-21, I turned to making drawings…of locations I was going to visit but could not now travel to, of art and places that I had seen but now saw in a new light, and drawings related to projects that I had not been able to make for various reasons. For example the Planetarium work was originally planned as a live performance bringing together the contribution of women to astronomy, migrations of birds and people through navigating by the stars, and ways in which how we “visualize” and make sense of the sky has changed over the centuries. For example constellations such as Andromeda, or Orion no longer hold sway and people might look up to the night sky seeing light pollution, drones, helicopter gunships, satellites, space debris or millionaires on their exorbitantly expensive vanity space trips.

A Visit to the Planetarium, 2020

The planetarium in the museum at Southend on Sea prompted me to research women astronomers, representations of the night sky, navigation at night, and the often dangerous migrations of birds and people.

Albie , 2020

A response to the stuffed (partial) albatross exhibited in the Fisherman’s Museum, Hastings. Despite the poetic myths surrounding the albatross, it has been hunted, killed, stuffed, and is now a victim of plastic pollution in the oceans. Spoken word, songs, drawings.

Only Death , 2020

Adapted from a poem by Pablo Neruda. All are not equal in death, as all are not equal in life.
Sound recorded in the crypt of St. Pancras Church, London.

Judgement Days, 2020

Judgement days, the damned and the saved, vices and virtues….who decides which is which….thoughts for our times. Made in response to the Doom painting in Wenhaston Church, Suffolk.

Mermaids’ Song, 2020

The sea is the subject of many seductive myths and legends, but it is also the scene of many disasters, often preventable ones. Myths, money, murders….